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Private laboratories,
Optimise the urine supply chain

Usense brings biological analysis back to the heart of peripheral sites, where you get the results of your urine samples in a few seconds.

In addition to reducing logistical costs and analysis time for your patients, Usense brings back to the centre of your daily life, a medical biology act full of meaning for your teams. The application and the web platform give you access to the results as well as to the ratio calculations necessary for diagnosis. The digital traceability of patient records and the reliability of Jimini meet all regulatory standards.

You can also equip your partners!

  • Accurate and fast urinalysis results with no risk in analytics, now accessible for your laboratories

  • Saves logistical time with on-site analysis, allowing technical platform to focus on complex analysis

  • Integration into a digital ecosystem around biological data to improve diagnosis's elaboration and patient's care