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The instant health fingerprint
at the service of tomorrow's health


An innovative medical device for efficient diagnosis

During diagnosis, time is precious and information is dense. Usense presents Jimini, a medical device for healthcare professionals, which measures the concentration of health biomarkers in urine.

At a glance, focus your attention on the key health parameters.

  • Spectro

    Helping diagnosis and early detection of pathology in a few seconds

  • Conductimétrie

    Unique user experience through the combination of a connected medical device and an application

  • Température

    Patented combination of miniaturised technologies


User interface for Jimini

  • Analyse

    Measuring the health fingerprint

    Jimini assembles a multitude of raw data from all its sensors and compiles the unique fingerprint of the sample.

  • Intelligence artificielle

    Analysing result

    By cross-referencing the fingerprint taken and relying mainly on reference values, Jimini's AI calculates urinary parameter concentrations.

  • Créatinine

    Helping interpretation

    Jimini qualifies the results for each parameter with an easy comparison to the usual values and facilitates the interpretation of the results.

  • Créatinine

    Helping diagnostic

    In order to better guide diagnosis, Jimini automatically calculates pathology risk index around the measured biomarkers.

Ergonomics and design
for a better user experience

  • Ergonomie


    Jimini is lightweight and compact, so it fits your medical (and not the other way around).

  • Gestuelle médicale

    Fit for Medical

    Usense has developed with and for healthcare professionals an intuitive tool that respects the requirements applied to any medical device.

  • Conception intelligente

    Smart design

    Thanks to its ergonomic and technological design, interact easily with Jimini for a user experience guided by your senses.

  • Hygiène & technologie

    Hygiene & Technology

    Speical care has been taken to ensure that it is hygienic and waterproof: from the material choices to a nano-textured coating and its sensors, Jimini simply is super-hydrophobic!

Technical description

  • Mobile app

    Application exclusively developed for Android and pre-installed on the tablet provided by Usense or accessible via secure Web-app. The application is not available for public download.

  • Device

    Dimensions : 12cm x 3,7cm x 2,7cm

    Weight: 87g

    Connexion : Bluetooth

    Loading : via charging device

  • Security

    Certification: CE, ISO 27001, HDS