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Urine is the new blood

Worldwide, more than a billion people are unaware that they have silent diseases, sometimes chronic diseases, mostly due to a lack of effective and accessible screening strategies

At Usense we believe that access to an instant health check is a game-changing approach, facilitating early diagnosis and patient-centred care. We want to change the paradigm of medicine from curative to predictive and preventive.

We are convinced that urine-based diagnostics have the potential to become more widespread, as urine contains more than 5,000 molecules, markers of diet, metabolism and pathology. Urine has the advantage of being collected non-invasively and in unlimited quantities. Its non-homeostatic composition contains a lot of information about one's health: in our opinion, this is the ideal approach for regular health check-ups.

  • 5 000

    Patients involved in our studies

    2 000 L

    Litres of urine analysed

  • 2019

    Founded in

    2 259 h

    Time spent besides practitioners

  • 10

    sec per scan

    Amount of waste generated per analysis

  • 6

    Medical specialties addressed

    Detectable diseases

  • 99%

    Percentage of optimists in the team

    "It's gonna be ok"

    Team's favourite motto

Our commitments & values

  • Optimism

    We believe that tomorrow will be better than today. With smile and passion, we are committed to helping healthcare professionals to always provide better care.

    Passion & résilience
  • Ingenuity

    We design solutions that are easy to use and intuitive. We do a lot with a little, whether it's assembling a variety of smart technologies or leading healthcare professionals to potential diagnoses.

    Innovation & progrès
  • Open-mindedness

    We do not believe in individual miracles but rather in the power of the collective. We surround ourselves with constructive debaters to include all perspectives in our decisions.

  • Ambition

    The challenges for health systems are great, but a patient's life is priceless. We are not afraid to tackle public health issues, because the status quo is not an option.


Usense Team

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    Guillaume LEMETAIS

    CEO & Co-founder

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    Jonathan FRANKLIN

    CFAO & Co-founder

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    Jean-Christophe TIXIER

    COO & Co-founder

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    Alexis FENDER

    Head of Growth & Operations

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    Head of Brand & Products

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    Head of Clinical Science

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    Tuan Anh Pham


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    Pierre Gutierrez

    Head of Data Science

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    Loane Watrelot

    Product Owner

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    Thibault Ganancia

    Operation Manager

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    Maxime Giraud

    Technology Manager

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    Alisa Chernysheva

    Full Stack Developer

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    Flore Aubrey

    Lead Technician

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Usense Board

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    Ivan TACK

    Board Director

    Expert in biomarker detection and technological solutions at the service of practitioners.

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    Pr Ivan Tack is a nephrologist and physiologist. Since 2006, he is Head of the Clinical Physiology Department at Rangueil Hospital. He is also the coordinator of the university department of development in health and care at Paul Sabatier University.
    Member of several international learned societies, he has collaborated on more than 90 scientific articles of reference. Developing a strong clinical activity, he has always been on the lookout the latest innovations by combining his research activity and his proximity to patients.

    At Usense, Dr. Ivan Tack guides the detection of biomarkers of medical interest and ensures that the technological solutions developed are aligned with the needs of practitioners.

    "A few years ago, nephrology experienced its first revolution with the introduction of urine strips. Today, we are on the verge of a new revolution initiated by Usense that will affect not only nephrology but many other medical specialties. We are only at the beginning of exploring the study of urinary excretions, which represents a further step towards individualised medicine.

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    Philippe DOUSTE-BLAZY

    Board Director

    Expert in clinical research and health accessibility

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    A cardiologist by training, Professor Philippe Douste-Blazy has served as Mayor of Lourdes and then of Toulouse, Minister of Health, Minister of Culture, Minister of Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, in charge of innovative financing for development. Founding President of Unitaid, a United Nations organization which negotiates the purchase of medicines for developing countries. Since 2020, he has been President of the United Nations Unitlife Fund, dedicated to the fight against malnutrition in the first 1,000 days of life.

    Professor Philippe Douste-Blazy brings to Usense his expertise in clinical research, his knowledge of public health issues in France and internationally, and his experience in the in the dissemination of diagnostic and therapeutic innovations to the greatest number of people in the service of health for all.

    "Usense is a perfect example of what tomorrow's medicine will be like. Medicine that is both preventive, facilitating instant diagnosis from urine, and and personalised medicine. It will improve the monitoring of the disease as close as possible to the patient. Usense will be a real opportunity for health systems including in the most remote areas where access to diagnosis is difficult or non-existent.

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    Alain PLUQUET

    Board Director

    Expert in the development of innovative medical projects

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    Dr Alain Pluquet holds a PhD in particle physics obtained at Fermilab (USA) and at the CEA (Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique). He has worked for 20 years at the CEA, where he oversaw the sensor and signal technologies department. He joined Biomérieux as a member of the Management Committee (CTO, CDO) and then became Vice President of Institut Merieux, in charge of technology and innovation

    Dr. Alain Pluquet brings to Usense his multidisciplinary expertise combining biology, technology, entrepreneurship applied to the health field.

    "The solutions developed by Usense fit perfectly with the evolution of healthcare systems in France and in the world. Thanks to a rapid, multiparametric, easy-to-use diagnostic tool, Usense contributes to to the optimisation of care paths in many medical situations.

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HDS and ISO 27001 certifications are mandatory for hosting and outsourcing services and applications containing identifiable and personal health data.
They guarantee the security, confidentiality and accessibility around data that Usense collects in the course of its business.