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Jimini, a new precision reference thanks to IA

Combining technicality and accessibility


Typology of results

As an expert in urinalysis, Usense has been able to federate key medical and scientific players in order to combine molecular biology, photonics and electroanalysis in the service of diagnosis. Thus, Jimini detects in category and measures in concentration the specific biomarkers of the urine, while allowing the identification of associated risk factors.

Artificial intelligence

Our proprietary algorithms are trained in unique conditions through the deployment of reference machines at several partner sites across France. We have access to the results of thousands of anonymised and qualified urine samples, in accordance with strict protocols, on which we apply proven machine- and deep-learning methods,


Usense aims to overcome many of today's outdated biological tests, such as urine dipsticks, which show its limits in terms of reliability and margin of error every day. The results obtained via Jimini aim to be closer to laboratory machines and set new standards.
Data base

Data security

As a health data host, Usense is committed to respecting the privacy of patients and the protection of the health institutions and facilities that support them. Participating in the French and European dynamics of health digitisation, Usense ensures secure interoperability between Jimini and third-party software and applications.

Une mesure scientifique éprouvée

  • Optical resolution <20nm
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    Nano-sized measurement steps
    Our photonic resolution is close to 10 nanometers, allowing our combinaison of technologies to reach r² equal to 0,9

  • Voltage resolution <5mV
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    Electrical measurement steps
    Our voltage resolution gets below 5 milivolts allowing our combinaison of technologies to reach r² equal 0,9

  • Repetability 99%
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    Standard deviation of repeated & reproducible measurements
    According to R&R principles, repeatability is the ability to produce consistent results in repetitive tests. Reproducibility is the ability to provide repeated results, regardless of the operator performing the test.

  • Adaptability 100%
    Fiabilité & adaptabilité
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    Environment-related non-diversion rate
    Our measurements are not subject to any bias related to the analysis conditions (humidity, temperature, light)

Nos collaborations

  • Hôpitaux de Toulouse
  • Biogroup
  • CAE
  • Eurobio
  • Biolabs
  • Alnylam
  • HP
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A double comparison of results

Our software compares each urine result to two sources of information: the usual values and our database. The comparison to the usual values is made relevant by customising these values according to the anthropometric parameters of the patient. The comparison to our database allows you to identify the position of the analysed sample in the general population.

This double comparison is made easy thanks to its graphic presentation. Your attention is drawn to the outliers to help you focus on the essentials.

Our software is flexible. You can cross-check and bring closer biomarkers to customise your view of the results and speed up your reading.

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